Soybean meal pellets

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Soybean meal pellets

Soya bean meal pellets are the main source of protein for animal feed. Poultry, pigs and cattle have no problems converting this high-grade source of protein into eggs, meat and milk.

They contain 42 to 48% protein, dependent on the production process. The meal is the residue after soya oil is extracted from the pods and it is sold by the Vandamme Group in the form of pellets.

It is an ideal feed for pigs, chickens, cattle and horses.

The soybean meal produced is standard available in pellets with a diameter of approximately 8 mm.

Unpelletised soybean meal is available upon request.

The standard produced quality concerns midpro with 48% profat (combined protein and fat content).

Lowpro soybean meal can be produced on request.