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Our European gmo free lecithin is produced by drying and purification of high quality phospholipids, extracted exclusively from 100% European locally grown soybeans.

The certification is based on the Eurofins ‘Identity Preservation Control Program Standard’ (IP).  These  locally grown IP soybeans are stored and crushed in our own plant. The gmo free origin of these IP soybeans is guaranteed by full traceability.

Phospholipids are essential nutrients for humans and animals as energy provider and natural emulsifier.

Our lecithin has a high functionality and light colour. It is cholesterol free and a vital source of unsaturated fats that can release, dispense, lubricate, soften and control product viscosity.

This gmo free soya lecithin is a multifunctional emulsifier and dispersing agent used into a wide range of sectors like confectionary, margarine and bakery industry, dietetic and pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, oleochemical and feed applications.